Hundertwasser ecology tours

Friedensreich Hundertwassers Meisterklasse an der Wiener Ak. d. Bild. Künste, ca. 1984

The exceptional artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser has not only become famous for his transdisciplinary work, which ranges from architecture to painting and film, but is also considered today to be one of the great pioneers of the ecological movement.

For Hundertwasser, nature was the only superior creative force on which man is dependent. He wrote numerous manifestos for nature conservation and designed posters against nuclear energy, for saving the oceans and whales and for the protection of the rainforest, to name but a few examples. He initiated and participated in environmental campaigns for more greenery in the cities and carried out tree plantations worldwide. His participation in the actions to save the Hainburg floodplain is particularly memorable. Hundertwasser called for a more natural and humane architecture and anticipated many developments of today's "Green Architecture" with the tree tenants, the forestation of the roofs and the spontaneous vegetation in his realized architectural projects.

The focus of this tour is Hundertwasser's ecological and socio-political commitment. On the programme are topics such as land consumption and soil sealing - two phenomena that are among the major environmental policy challenges facing Europe - as well as the constructed wetland, the tree tenants and Hundertwasser's idea of an architecture that is more humane and more natural. The exhibition will show which strategies the artist and activist Hundertwasser used to effectively engage in environmental protection and raise the question of what we ourselves can do and change.

We offer this tour for lower and upper grades.