Museums For Future

As part of the global movement Museums For Future, the KUNST HAUS WIEN team is committed to more measures concerning climate protection in the context of Fridays For Future. The museum and its employees would like to show their ecological and political commitment and assume responsibility by being certified with the Austrian Eco-Label. By participating in the major climate strikes of Fridays For Future, the museum is also publicly demonstrating for the most comprehensive and efficient climate protection actions possible in order to meet the 1.5 degree target of the United Nations agreed upon in the Paris Climate Change Convention.

As a continuing action, KUNST HAUS WIEN veiled the museum during the 4th world climate strike on November 29, 2019 in the exhibition Street. Life. Photography and thus also let it go on strike locally and in the social media under the hashtag #ArtStrike.

The Green Museum will open in 2020 as a place for critical and discursive debate on future issues, to discuss sustainable strategies in the climate question. On the basis of Fridays For Future's catalogue of demands, thematic priorities will be set, which will be discussed in an interdisciplinary round of experts from scientists, artists and activists.

10 simple measures that museums can take to support Fridays For Future:

1. welcome strikers to your museum
2. offer an education programme on sustainable future for children and young people
3. create space for teach-ins, sign making and workshops
4. strike an object under #ArtStrike
5. document and report on the strikes
6. tell the stories of young activists from other times and places
7. sell only local plant-based food in your restaurant
8. make part of your museum operations sustainable
9. encourage the use of public transport to get to your museum
10. stop accepting money from fossil fuel companies