Climate & Economy

Online Future Talk: Climate X Change

Oliver Ressler, Carbon and Captivity (Still), 2020

19.11.20, 18:00

The combination of liberal democracy and capitalist market economy aimed at achieving a ritualised sustained growth massively impacting our ecosystems and the climate. Climate conferences are becoming rituals that disappoint on an annual basis, failing to bring about any sustainable change. And while individual measures designed to reduce our ecological footprint are important, what we really need is a complete rethink of our economic system. How can a systemic change channelled more towards an eco-social tax reform succeed? What sort of incentives should society and the economy be offered in order to find and implement sustainable solutions? Can climate protection and a ‘healthy’ economic system go hand in hand?


  • Sigrid Stagl, Professor of Environmental Economics, WU 
  • Stefan P. Schleicher, Economist, Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, Karl-Franzens-University Graz
  • Oliver Ressler, Artist 
  • Klara Butz, Fridays for Future activist

Moderation: Michael Huber, Kurier
An event in cooperation with the Kurier