Water protection & hydropower

Online Future Talk: Climate X Change

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16.04.21, 18:00

Hydropower is one of the most important and most widely used renewable energy sources. At the same time, hydropower plants represent massive interventions in ecosystems and entail socio-economic consequences. The protection of water bodies plays a central role in preserving our water resources and natural habitats, which are severely threatened by the climate crisis. Only about one third of Austria's flowing waters are in good or very good ecological condition. What steps are needed to ensure long-term protection of flowing waters? How is an energy transition in harmony with water protection possible?

Participating speakers

Paul Ablinger, Managing Director Kleinwasserkraft Österreich
Ulrich Eichelmann, Managing Director Riverwatch 
Herwig Turk, Artist
Regina Hügli, Artist
Ivo Wakounig, Fridays for Future activist

Moderation: Michael Huber, Kurier
An event in cooperation with the Kurier.