The Big Invisible

Curated by Jade Niklai & Yasmine Ostendorf

Ausstellungsansicht "The Big Invisible"
Hanna Husberg, In the Vast Ocean of Air, 2016 (Detail)
Pei-Ying Lin, Kaleidoscope of the Universes, 2015-16
Hanna Husberg, In the Vast Ocean of Air, 2016, Installationsansicht, Forum Box, Helsinki, 2016
John Gerrard, Flag (Danube), 2017 (Detail)
Ausstellungsansicht The Big Invisible, 2017
Markus Hoffmann, BIKINI ATOLL CONTAINMENT I , 2016
, Installationsansicht, BLOK art space, Istanbul, 2016
Ausstellungsansicht "The Big Invisible"
Markus Hoffmann, Nucifera Metamorphosis, 2015
Ausstellungsansicht "The Big  Invisible"
Gruppenbild "The Big Invisible"
Yasmine Ostendorf und Jade Niklai


Opening: Wed, 18.10.2017, 19:00

Works by John Gerrard (IRL/AT), Markus Hoffmann (DE), Hanna Husberg (FIN/AT), Markus Jeschaunig (AT), and Pei-Ying Lin (TW/NL)

The Big Invisible
showcases new and recent works by five contemporary artists addressing key issues of our times, many deriving from unchallenged human attitudes and behaviours towards nature on a global scale. The artworks consider real-life issues, including viruses, air pollution, heat waste, nuclear radiation and an imaginary oil spill, to provide new insights into the invisible world around us.

Curated by Jade Niklai and Yasmine Ostendorf, the exhibition is an outcome of the museum's inaugural Curator-in-Residence programme, which in early 2017 enabled the curators to conduct new research on sustainability and social practices in the arts in Austria.

Jade Niklai is an independent curator based in Vienna and founder/director of Blood Mountain Foundation, a cross-disciplinary arts foundation focusing on Central Europe.
Yasmine Ostendorf is an independent researcher/curator and head of the Jac. P. Thilsse Lab at the Jan Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. 

Opening performance and public workshop: Pei-Ying Lin
Wed, 18.10.17, 7.30 p.m.

Public discussion: Art Institutions as Agents for Change
In cooperation with VIENNA ART WEEK 2017
Wed, 15.11.17, 6 to 8 p.m.

Artist talk & studio visit: John Gerrard
Tue, 12.12.17, 6.30 to 7.30 p.m.