With the series #ClosedButActive, KUNST HAUS WIEN presents artists who are associated with the museum and whose works, exhibitions and projects shape the museum's programme. 

The virtual space, which will also open up on the museum's website despite the fact that the exhibition rooms are closed, will be used in a new way with a stimulating compilation of images, text and video material and further information. 

Many thanks to the artists who have made their material available for this project.

Alec Soth by #ClosedButActive


Currently, the solo exhibition of the US-American artist Alec Soth with large-format works by the artist is not accessible at KUNST HAUS WIEN. The temporary closure has imposed an involuntary period of rest on the exhibition. Alec Soth's works are particularly impressive in the exhibition context.

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Claudius Schulze by #ClosedButActive

RB10844-RP50069_18_Weitspektrum Aufnahme urbaner Wildnis_Amsterdam_2018_C_Schulze

Um nichts weniger als um die Zukunft unserer Biosphäre geht es in den Arbeiten des deutschen Künstlers Claudius Schulzes. Für die Zeit, in der seine Einzelausstellung "Biosphäre X" nicht zugänglich ist, steht hier eine eigens für den virtuellen Raum generierte Animation, ergänzt von Kommentaren des Künstlers und der Kuratorin Sophie Haslinger. Als Denkanstoß und neue Perspektiven eröffnend ist Schulzes Langzeitprojekt an der Schnittstelle von Forschung und Kunst gerade jetzt hochaktuell.

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Elina Brotherus by #ClosedButActive

Hotel de Sebald 1_sRGB 300dpi 30cm_kl

In 2018, KUNST HAUS WIEN dedicated a large mid-career retrospective to the Finnish photographer Elina Brotherus (*1972). Brotherus is internationally renowned for her photographic self-stagings, which derive their strength from a combination of autobiographical, art historical and literary elements. 

Especially for #ClosedButActive the artist has kindly agreed to “lend” us her latest work in form of a slide show. For Sebaldiana. Memento Mori, Brotherus has undertaken a journey to Corsica in 2019, guided by German writer W. G. Sebald’s (1944-2001) posthumously published fragments and essays on Corsica, Campo Santo.

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Lena Dobrowolska & Teo Ormond-Skeaping by #ClosedButActive

FUTURE_SCENARIOS_LENA_DOBROWOLSKA_&_TEO_ORMOND-SKEAPING_FT_01In their long-term project Future Scenarios (since 2016) Lena Dobrowolska & Teo Ormond-Skeaping examine questions such as the responsibility for global warming and our vulnerability to it as well as the role that discourse plays in shaping our future. Since their exhibition at KUNST HAUS WIEN, the Polish-British artist duo has further developed their multimedia project and added new material. For #ClosedButActive, Lena Dobrowolska & Teo Ormond-Skeaping share with us a selection of new photographic works that were taken in California after the devastating forest fires.

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Rinko Kawauchi by #ClosedButActive

Rinko Kawauchi_Aus der Serie Illuminance_2011_c_Rinko Kawauchi (1)For #ClosedButActive, Japanese artist Rinko Kawauchi has kindly agreed to lend KUNST HAUS WIEN one of her most recent works: Light of Dance. The work has been produced as a collaboration between Kawauchi and the musicians baobab + haruka nakamura. The attention Rinko Kawauchi pays to simple things, to the uniqueness of every part of life in her photographs and video works is to be seen in the context of the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. This aesthetic concept anchored in Zen Buddhism stands for reduction, modesty and a deep appreciation of nature.

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