Mathias Waske. Mona Lisa to Madonna


About  courage and art of Mathias Waske

  Mathias Waske is well-known for his original and witty ideas and for his extraordinary painting technique; he has been living and working as an independent painter in Munich and the South of France since 1968. He was born on 27 March 1944 in Crailsheim/Württemberg and grew up in Frankfurt/Main, where he studied at the State's University for Fine Arts.

We present an exhibition of about 130 works of the artist of the period from 1965 till today, including paintings, gouaches and drawings.

This artist's works are in possession of the collections of Pope Johannes Paul II.; Franz Josef II Prince of Liechtenstein; the royal house of Monaco; former president Walter Scheel; the astronauts of Apollo 11 – Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin, Houston, Texas; family Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach; Giorgio Moroder, Los Angeles; Sergio Leone, Rome; Peter Schamoni; Michael Stich, as well as of museums and private collections here and abroad.

"Mathias Waske works with the clichés of validity and the approved, making caricatures of the art establishment and its extremes. His is a contemporary imagery, which is place in a position outside the tradition of the "Classic Modern Art", which has degenerated to a historicism of the 20th century. Waskes pictures are as brilliant as apt."

Dr. Hans Ottomeyer, preface of the exhibition catalogue Museum Villa Stuck-Munich