Volker Renner's photographs show depopulated landscapes, both urban and rural. He portrays surroundings: what lies offside and seems unimportant at first glance. The focus is on ownerless objects, abandoned abodes and empty public spaces.

Katarina Šoškić keeps a 'visual diary' – she portrays people around her with sensitivity and empathy. Her works play with the art of hiding things while revealing private, personal moments at the same time.

Despite the intimacy their photographs are based on, both Renner and Šoškić manage to keep a certain distance. Thus, Renner lends new brilliance to the banal, while Šoškić maintains the dignity of those she portrays. It is easy to imagine Šoškić's human images populating Renner's lonely spaces. .

Curator: Cornelis van Almsick