Wie wir leben (The Way We Live)


Otto Dietrich (Berlin), Andreas Duscha (Vienna), Sonja Engelhardt (Berlin), Léonie Hampton (London), Siggi Hofer (Vienna), Anna Jermolaewa (Vienna), Mathias Kessler (NYC), Albert Mayr (Vienna), Julia Pfeiffer (Berlin), Setareh Shahbazi (Berlin), Sharon Ya’ari (Tel Aviv)

The exhibition focuses on the endless spectrum of possibilities of perceiving and constructing life, presenting twelve international positions on this subject. From intimate glimpses of private family constellations to global and social observations, the works represent concrete worlds as much as utopian or staged realities. Faraway places at the end of the world, secret locations and virtual spaces reflect collective needs for belonging and the setting of boundaries. "Wie wir leben" (“The Way We Live”) deals with real and fictitious fields of action and exhibits artistic observations characterised by individual histories, global contexts and abstract notions.

Curators: Charlotte Desaga and Verena Kaspar-Eisert