Zurück zur Figur. Contemporary Figurative Painting


The exhibition gives a survey of the current boom in modern contemporary art, presenting the entire spectrum of possibilities of figurative painting.
Stars of the international art scene are represented as well as yet unknown artists.

 The exhibition focusses on the exploration of the human figure ('figuration' here does not include still life or landscapes) and is restricted to new, young works of art, whereby the deciding factor is not the age of the artist but the date of the painting itself: the paintings selected were all painted after the year 2000. The result is a kaleidoscope of contemporary art, providing a first critical overall view of figuration in the 21st century.

On exhibition will be more than 50 works of Christian Brandl, Alex Katz, George Condo, Neo Rauch, John Currin, Stephen Conroy, Regina Götz, Xenia Hausner and many others more.