Open again

Reduced admission until the end of March 2024

until the end of March

Reduced admission until the end of March 2024

KunstHausWien has been open again since 29 February 2024!
In addition to the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy, the focus of the six-month renovation was on the museum experience in one of the most original exhibition centres in the world. The focus on art and ecology opens up spaces of inspiration for a sustainable future for guests in the renewed permanent exhibition Hundertwasser as well as in the contemporary area.

Work on the building technology centred on the introduction of hydrothermal energy, i.e. the use of groundwater heat to generate energy, and thus the complete phase-out of CO2-producing energy sources. By switching to a sustainable hydrothermal energy supply, a 75% reduction in energy consumption was achieved compared to the original air-conditioned area. Further increases in efficiency have resulted from the complete switch to LED lighting and the installation of a groundwater cyst for watering the more than 260 different plant species in KunstHausWien.


With the start of the Vienna Climate Biennale on 5 April, the museum is intensifying its examination of the complex relationship between man, art and nature and the consequences of global ecological change. The contemporary exhibition programme begins with Into the Woods. Approaches to the Forest Ecosystem. The group exhibition shows 16 contemporary artistic positions dedicated to the forest habitat, its ecological processes and threats.

Six artistic projects have been created especially for the exhibition. With a walk-in installation in the courtyard of the KunstHausWien by Markus Jeschaunig and a poster campaign of Oliver Ressler's artistic work, Into the Woods also extends into the outdoor space. The first Vienna Climate Biennale will take place from 5 April to 14 July 2024 at KunstHausWien, the Nordwestbahnhof festival area and more than 60 other locations throughout Vienna. The exhibition can be seen until 11 August.

Reduced admission

Until the start of the first Vienna Climate Biennale, we invite you to enjoy discounted admission to the KunstHausWien. Museum Hundertwasser. Look forward to the coming months and experience an extraordinary start to spring with us!