The exhibition shows about 130 selected photographs from the time period of 1941 – 2005.

  She is well-known and not only popular in the world of the beautiful, rich and famous – it is also impossible to imagine that world without her. She has been virtually born with a camera in her hand and her experiences of everyday life and the Jet Set cannot be understood other than through the eyes of that camera.

Marianne Sayn-Wittgenstein, whose photographs document more than 60 years of modern history, is not only an extremely disciplinated and ambitious grande dame whose social position gives her effortless access to all the exceptional figures of the aristocracy, politics, film, sports and culture. As a virtual seismologist of the 20th century, she is a true phenomenon. There is the familiar media image of her as a Jet Set photographer who likewise depicts subtle observations of artists, opera divas, renowned conductors and at times eccentric, glamorous stars of showbiz, and now, alongside this image, comes a welcome look at that period in Sayn that not only marked the beginning of her career, but also manifested itself in her status as an artist.

(B. Reifenscheid)