International Park(ing) Day

FR 16.09. 14:30

Upcycling workshop for kids and adults

Herb pot with organic seeds
From beverage carton to herb pot

Beverage cartons are more robust than they look! They are ideal to be reused as flower pots because the waterproof coating prevents dripping water.
During the Park(ing) Day Upcycling Workshop you can create your own personal and sustainable herb pot from recycled beverage packaging. We will then fill the pot with soil and plant organic flower and herb seeds. After a few days, a small flowering oasis will grow, which will also be very popular with bees and butterflies.

We'll shorten the waiting time for you and give you a fine salad spice from Sonnentor to go with it!

FR 16.09., 14:30-16:30

Free workshop in the Grätzloase in front of the Kunst Haus Wien.
What to bring: Good spirits - the Kunst Haus Wien team has collected enough beverage cartons for you in advance.

For big & small (children from 6 years)
Without registration, no groups!

The current Covid 19 protection measures apply.

As part of International Park(ing) Day.

Park(ing) Day is a global public art project launched in 2005. Originally started as a guerrilla art project, it is now a day when people around the world temporarily transform street parking spaces into small parks and places for art, play and activism. A fitting opportunity to join the dialogue on sustainable cities and communities.

In cooperation with Lokalen Agenda 21 Wien