Future Talks
Climate X Change


Over the past five years, KUNST HAUS WIEN has committed itself to a clear programmatic orientation: As the first Green Museum, it negotiates environmental and sustainability issues within the art discourse. Understanding a museum as a producer of values, which as a public institution has to convey a socio-political attitude, KUNST HAUS WIEN is engaged within the Museums for Future movement.

As a place of lively debate, KUNST HAUS WIEN offers a forum for the fields of art, science and activism and invites discussion. Interdisciplinary Future Talks are dedicated to the demands of the Fridays for Future movement to discuss the most important issues related to the climate crisis and to reflect on innovative strategies for the future. The audience is invited to contribute on the spot or to ask questions in advance, which will then be incorporated into the discussion.

Moderator: Michael Huber, Kurier
An event in co-operation with the daily newspaper Kurier.